About Misters

Food and beverage culture is a part of every persons’ daily life. Regardless of each individuals’ personal story, sustenance is a necessary part of living. As long as people have existed we have developed habits and traditions revolving around this most important part of our daily activities.

Here at Misters we recognize the dining experience can be both a luxury and a necessity, and for that reason our creed focuses on inclusion, not exclusion. To be as environmentally responsible and to provide the freshest ingredients possible, we keep our menu at a manageable size to minimize product waste and avoid frozen product which damages the integrity of both taste and nutrition. We offer options for all tastes and preferences including meats, poultry, seafood, vegetarian and vegan, and are committed to offering dishes that are safe for dietary restrictions and allergies.

This restaurant is also our home. We are proud to invite you to share this space with us and allow us to offer an environment that is casually refined and welcoming to all.

We thank you for joining us...


Josenel Soto

“As a Chef I am very critical and hardly ever rave about other people's food, Misters Bistro is an exception! The food is incredible! My wife and I had an amazing culinary experience accompanied by great and friendly service! We will make this place our to go spot whenever we are in Old Forge!”


Thomas Marzigliano

“This place has a wonderful feel. The decor and architecture of the old home that is the dining area, is itself a conversation piece. The menu gives a new look at familiar foods. Everything was delicious...We were talking about returning even before we had left. We will be back soon I'm sure of it.”


Christine Dickerson

“Fabulous, and I mean fabulous dinner and great service...reservations a must!  You won't be disappointed.”

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